ROSE & Elon, Cofounders of BLAck MATTERS At thEIR FIRST POP-UP SHOP. Photograph by Nick Surrette.

Our mission is to help lead and facilitate the crucial conversation around why BLACK MATTERS. We believe that Black Lives Matter: always have and always will. We believe that Black people, Black businesses, Black creatives, and anyone supporting Black communities should be celebrated. 


Now is the time to stand for something that has substance. And there's no better way to stand behind something than to rock what you believe in on the clothes you wear and in the accessories you use everyday. That's why we created the BLACK MATTERS apparel and accessories collection.


For EVERY ITEM that is purchased on OUR SITE, a portion of the proceeds will be USED TO SUPPORT QUALLS ACADEMY in CAMBRIDGE, MA, USA - A Program that Enhances the Social, Emotional, and Academic DEVELOPMENT of Young BOYS of COLOR with an emphasis on UPLIFTING BLACK CHILDREN.

Beyond the physical items that we sell, our vision is to host events locally, nationally and internationally that center the Black Matters conversation, highlight Black performers, creatives, entrepreneurs and those from every demographic that support Black Matters.


We are here to build a better future for all of us. No matter who you are, where you are from, or what you look like, you can stand behind BLACK MATTERS.


Need to Get In Touch with us? Email shopblackmatters44@gmail.com

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