Black Matters By Lizzle4 & DR. Rose is a Positive Response to all 0f the negative Events happening in the world.  Through our feel-good wearable message apparel and accessories, healing and celebratory community events, and BLACK mATTERS IMMERsive FACilitations, we are leading the most important conversation of our lives. 

We believe SeLF-CARE is a Revolutionary act, so we created products that cultivate Self-Care in your everyday.  we hope our products remind you that you are worthy.


We host an immersive experience that incorporates music and facilitated discussion to address topics of race, wellness, and healing. We would love to share our work by leading one of our sessions at your organization.

Some of our proceeds help us produce FREE community events. Our FIRST public event Took place on JUNETEENTH, 2021 and was attended by over 250 people.

ROSE & Elon, Cofounders of BLAck MATTERS

 Photograph by Nick Surrette.