LIZZLE4 is the CEO, owner and founder of BLACK MATTERS. He is also a professional recording artist who has released two full-length albums. He is a community leader, teacher & motivational speaker who holds his Master's Degree in Educational Leadership. learn more about his amazing work on the LIZZLE4 website.

ROSE is the co-founder and Creative Director of BLACK MATTERS. She is completing her training to become a doctor and is passionate about community engagement and public health. ROse is aLSO A fierce social justice advocate, dance, fitness and wellness enthusiast. In her spare time she manages  The Human Side (of Medicine). 

LIZZLE and ROSE met in high school over a decade ago and have been rocking together ever since. Together we embody the BLACK MATTERS conversation. We are building an empire and legacy that will stand the test of time.

we hope you will join us in caring about our Local and Global community. We are just getting started.

- LIZZLE4 + Docteur ROSE